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Streak CRM is a customer relationship management tool integrated within Gmail, allowing users to manage sales, support, and customer communication directly from their inbox.



Designed for individuals or small teams who need basic pipeline management and email integration features.

$15.00 / month


Includes unlimited pipelines, unlimited boxes (CRM entries), advanced reporting, email tracking and scheduling, snippets (saved email templates), mail merge, CRM import/export, priority support, API access, and access to Streak’s mobile app.

$49.00 / month


Perfect fit for enterprise sales teams. Custom pricing available.

$129.00 / month

People liked

  • Gmail Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Gmail, making it easy to access and manage contacts, deals, and pipelines.
  • Easy to Use: Intuitive interface and simple setup process, allowing users to quickly get started and stay organized.
  • Collaboration Features: Allows teams to share emails, notes, and call logs, making it easy to collaborate and keep everyone informed.

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